Here’s our heartfelt, behind the scenes story of dto

dto is a result of an undying pioneering spirit and a passion to co-create. We (Ee Lynn & Marie) wanted to empower you with a voice so that you can have a say in your future home, while also setting new standards in the property industry in Malaysia.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours became prominent when after months of research and house-hunting as first time home buyers, we still found it hard to find a home that truly fits our needs. We were amazed by just how confusing the home-buying journey can be (and forget ghosts... hearing horrifying stories of buying homes that you don't like are enough to give us nightmares!).

We all have frustrating home-buying experiences. Working in Sime Darby Property we saw the opportunity and wanted to do something about it.

Digging in search of answers, we discovered the "wall of silence" between property developers and you - a growing disconnect that was intangible, but damaging. We then asked ourselves, who were property developers to dictate how your dream homes should be built?

This seeded an idea, and dto was created. At the heart of dto is a simple belief: Your voice matters and you should be heard.

We believe that you have a say in what you consider your future home should look like. Through technology, engagement, and content, we want the opportunity to educate and empower you to vote for your choices so that property developers can deliver homes that you truly desire.

We are excited to kickstart something special, but it is no fun doing it without you. So join us as we embark on this risky but exciting journey. Support us lah!


Yours truly, 


Who started dto?

The people fighting internal corporate battles to make your voices heard. *p.s. we’ve signed off our jobs if dto doesn’t work.

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Ee Lynn Tee
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